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This is an Internet cookbook featuring a collection of recipes in a variety of categories gathered over several years from a number of sources. Most were collected more than a decade ago from local Bulletin Board Systems, so the recipes in our collection are very likely not the same as those currently circulating around the Net today.

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About This Site

This site is designed to accommodate Bites, a cookbook application which runs on Android mobile phones. The recipes are formatted for downloading or emailing to the Android phone.

To download a recipe on your phone:

  1. Click the download link at the bottom of the recipe.
  2. The downloads page opens showing a recipe.php file. Click that file.
  3. Bites opens asking if it is ok to import the recipe.
  4. Click OK.
The recipe is imported and selected.

If you register and confirm an email address with us, you can also email recipes to your phone. The recipe is attached to the message formatted for Bites. Just click on the attachment and Bites will open as described above.

We hope you find something you enjoy.

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